Letter to the Editor

Radio Christian Voice should preach the gospel

Dear editor,
I AM an ardent listener of Radio Christian Voice. I enjoy some of the programmes they air. But yesterday I was left wondering what on earth a Christian radio station had to do with the youth and sex in the name of ‘safe motherhood’.
This programme is aired on Sundays before 11:00 hours. Sex and youth is a big problem in our country. But discussing it the way they did on the programme, was not a solution.
We all know that the youth indulge in unprotected sex. I expect a Christian radio to tackle the issue from a Biblical point instead of encouraging the use of condoms. By encouraging the use of condoms among the youth, it means the radio is encouraging sex among the youth. Is this what the radio station wants to see among the youth?
Any Christian worth their salt and a radio station for that matter which reaches thousands of listeners, should use scripture to talk about sex among the youth.
We know that for the youth to stop practising unprotected sex, they need the gospel. That is what can change their lives. Once they become Christians, they will leave the life of indulging in sex, whether protected or unprotected, because the Bible frowns upon such. Please preach the gospel so that our youth can change their lifestyles.

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