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Quick money is never the answer

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
PATROLLING bars, hoping to exchange her body for money was her way of life. She had five children, three shared the same father, while the other two shared one father.
Unfortunately, the fathers of the children denied responsibility claiming since the woman is promiscuous, they were not sure that the children were theirs.
She wanted fast money and could not see herself working and not wait a whole month to get a salary. Hers was changing men and getting money to feed the family.
Her sister tried to find her a job but she could not hold a job, the result was going back to her old ways. This was not withstanding that she had teenage daughters who were following into her footsteps.
Being a regular figure in the bars, almost every man knew her, meaning her market was dwindling. Even age was not on her side as she no longer looked as attractive as before.
Money was now scarce in the home and she ended up sending her daughters to follow her immoral footsteps instead of empowering children with an education.
The home could be compared to a brothel as men walked in and out to be entertained by the three daughters while the two sons turned to drug and alcohol abuse as well as crime.
What is sad is that the same men the mother was entertaining in her hey days, are the same men that the mother was encouraging her daughters to entertain because of the generosity of these particular men. The mother was not even concerned about the age between her daughters and the men, her major interest was how much money was coming in the home from her daughters’ promiscuity.
The woman did not learn from her mistakes that the ‘profession’ she once engaged in did not empower her. It was merely a one-off thing. One would think such a woman would think better and ensure that her children are empowered with an education, which no one can take away from you.
Sadly, her health began failing her and she was in and out of hospital. On her death bed, she cried and regretted her actions and wished she had done better for her family.
She wished she had invested in her children’s education instead of encouraging immorality. After her death, her children have continued on their mother’s path. The mother deprived her children of their childhood by exposing them to a world that was harmful to them.
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