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Quarterly reports well come but…

Dear editor,
FOR the first time in the history of Zambia, we have seen the President asking his ministers to submit quar¬terly reports to his office to check on progress done in their respective min¬istries. It is also gratifying this gesture has

been extended to diplomats in foreign missions,and a stern warning to those who perform below par to recalled!
That is how it should be, but may take this opportunity to appeal to the powers that be that such reports must be produced in the govern¬ment- owned daily papers so that citizens can judge if the promises made during campaigns are being fulfilled or not this should them make up their minds regarding the 2021 elections.In additions, I implore our President to direct councillors to pres¬ent quarterly reports to the mayors who will in turn report to the provin¬cial ministers. This will make people work and implement government policies.
For a long time many citizens don’t even know what the work of the diplomats in foreign mission is, let alone the job of a mayor or indeed a councillor.
The presentations, once produced, can even be used for research by students both in higher learning institutions or secondary schools. This is knowledge that is just gathering dust.