Quarrying weakens Kawambwa road

THE Road Development Agency (RDA) is concerned with quarrying taking place in Kawambwa, which is likely to disturb the periodic road maintenance in the area.
RDA board chairperson Samuel Mukupa said the sand that is removed could derail works on the road.
“This is because residents take sand from very close to the foundation of the road, compromising the strength of the road,” Mr Mukupa said.
Mr Mukupa was in the company of RDA chief executive officer Kanyuka Mumba and other senior management officials during the tour of the Kawambwa-Luwingu road at Chilubula on Friday.
The team found piles of sand along the road.
Mr Mukupa appealed to Kawambwa and Mushota residents to guard the road jealously, which is being worked on by Chinese firm UNIK.
“This road is not for the people of Lusaka, it is primarily for the people here. My appeal to every road user, including traditional leaders and politicians, is to be on the lookout and help our people to keep away from destroying the infrastructure,” Mr Mukupa said.
And Joseph Bwendo, a resident of Mushota commended Government for working on the road.
“We used to take three hours on the bus from Mushota to Kawambwa on gravel road, but can now take 30 minutes on the tarred road,” he said.

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