Letter to the Editor

Qualities of a good leader

Dear editor,
DECIDING which candidate to vote for in January 2015 must be a matter of national interest. There should be no tribalism, personality or how nice someone talks to determine the vote. So let us assess our political leaders and at least vote for those with the following vital qualities:
(a) Zambia needs an honest leader. This reveals who somebody really is and discloses his or her mistakes, which gives others an opportunity to criticise openly. Honesty develops characters and builds credibility and trust, which are the foundation to gain confidence and respect from people.
(b) We need a compassionate leader who understands the sufferings of Zambians and wanting to do something to alleviate our sufferings. Many politicians see compassion as a weakness but it is a characteristic that converts knowledge to wisdom.
(c) We need a leader with integrity who can be trusted because the one who possesses integrity never veers from inner values even when it might benefit him or her.
(d) Lastly, we need a leader who can create an inspiring vision for the future, motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision and, above all, manages to deliver the vision. The ball is in our hands as voters. Let us observe these leaders carefully because others are already showing us their true colours. God bless us all.

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