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Putting in the Best- President Sata’s legacy

John Wesley says, “Leisure and I have parted company. We shall never meet again.” With this quotation in mind he was motivated to work hard and lived productively as a preacher. Of course at certain points we need to rest in order to avoid stress and fatigue but productive life demand action. The extreme of having all time as leisure time is the source of retrogression in life. People who progress are action oriented.
Your reward can only come from what you spend much time on. Ecclesiastes 10:18 says, “Because of laziness the roof caves in, and because of idle hands the house leaks.” Laziness is pending much time on leisure or doing nothing. Such life leads to downfall or frustration. Have you ever asked yourself this important questions; what do I spend much time on? How beneficial is what I spend much time on is to my personal life and the community. Take time to analyse how much time you spend on the activities you get involved with. Analyze the same in terms of how it contributes to your personal and community development.
All leisure kind of life at times can be a sign of giving up because one feels hard work did not yield results. They are times when one feels he or she has put in every effort without seeing the results. Such a feeling can dampen the moral and motivation to try again. Some of the youth feel so discouraged because they did not do well at certain point in life. Some even judge themselves as ‘good for nothing,’ going nowhere worse still as worthless.  The fact that you did not make it or do well does not make you lesser human and a perpetual failure but it is an opportunity have another look at the approach employed.
President Sata as others have already alluded to was a man of action. One outstanding practice on his ascendance to presidency was focusing on consequent election immediately after losing the previous one. His perculiar ability to come back regardless the negative comments from opponents and those who did not believe in his ability drew many Zambians’ attention such that they entrusted him with Presidency. He did his best in all portfolios he held.
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