Letter to the Editor

Punish Mumbwa road vandals

Dear editor,
SINCE the Road Development Agency (RDA), through Avic International, mounted a concrete barrier separating the four lanes on the expanded Mumbwa road in Lusaka West the number of pedestrians being knocked down by speeding motor vehicles has drastically dropped.

The number of head-on collisions has also reduced drastically. In short the barrier has improved road safety, and I am commending authorities for engaging the contractor to erect it.
However, primitive taxi drivers and truck drivers are competing in recklessly knocking the members of the concrete barrier out of position.
Hardly a day passes without finding sections of the concrete lying partly in one of the lanes after being knocked out of position posing a grave safety hazard to motorists, especially at night.
It is the drivers of heavy trucks reversing out of yards who are the most notorious in this vandalism.
Since it is easy to see from which gate the truck was reversing from RDA, the Road Transport and Safety Agency and the Lusaka City Council should penalise the people who own or manage such premises and the individual drivers.
This will restore some sanity on Mumbwa road.

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