Letter to the Editor

Public schools’ fees too high

Dear editor,
I WRITE as a parent with dismay at some Government schools that are overcharging pupils.

They are charging school fees like private schools do. It is ridiculous for any headmaster to hike school fees when they know Zambia’s economy is biting and there are very few jobs around. Most parents are struggling to pay school fees for their children.
We parents of Ndeke Basic School pupils, which is situated in the ZAF base, off the International airport road, are being charged K2,000 for Grade 10s. Why should a child, whose parents are not working, fail to get into Grade 10 at Ndeke for non-payment of that K2,000?
Can the Ministry of General Education intervene?
We feel that school authorities are not being considerate.
Ndeke Basic School is a Government school, hence school fees should be reasonable even if most pupils are from ZAF employees.
We therefore urge the Minister of General Education to urgently intervene.

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