Public relations good career

JACOB Mwape, a Grade 12 pupil at Kaunda Square Secondary School wants to pursue public relations when he completes secondary education because he likes to attract public attention.
Jacob 17, believes he has what it takes to become a good public relations person because of his public speaking skills.
“I always wanted to be a lawyer from my childhood but I later switched and thought of pursuing public relations when I went to junior secondary school because I got more involved in public speaking,” he said.
Jacob hopes to use his public speaking skills to influence positive change and make a difference in the life of his fellow young people.
The last in a family of four boys, Jacob believes success comes with determination and hard work.
“I believe that school is a key that brings out so many opportunities in one’s life, it adds value to the life of a person. It is difficult to cope with especially now when one is not educated. Young people must therefore set their goals and principles if they are to achieve their dreams,” he says.
Jacob, who is also the vice-head boy hopes to use his public relations skill to speak against corruption and encourage young people to aspire for leadership and success to contribute to national transformation.
His favourite subjects are English, civic education, history and religious education.
When he gets free time, Jacob listens to music and plays soccer to keep fit and freshen up.
“Young people must have priorities and vision, they must not be easily discouraged but be positive in what they believe in. Young people must have value and the drive to become better people to make positive change in society and the country as a whole ” he said.

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