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Pubic hair brews storm

A HAIR stylist of Lusaka’s Garden township told the Lusaka Boma Court that her husband of five years has never shaved her pubic hair as required by tradition between married couples.
Njavwa Nalupumbwe, 27, told Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo, Bertha Zulu and Petronella Kalyelye that her husband Simon Phiri, 35, also of Garden township has adamantly refused to shave her from the time they got married.
“When I confronted him about it, Phiri told me that he does not recognise our marriage and, therefore, cannot shave me. He told me that he already has a woman, whom he shaves as is expected of him as a married man,” she said.
Nalupumbwe was narrating in a case in which she sued Phiri for marriage reconciliation. She told the court that she got married to Phiri in 2010 and that they have a child together. Bride price was paid.
“I have brought him here because in our five years of marriage, we seem not to agree on anything. Problems started in 2011 after I gave birth and asked him for some money to open a salon,” she said.
She said Phiri promised to assist her as soon as he finished building a house for his parents. However, this never happened, the court heard.
Nalupumbwe told the court that after informing his marriage counsellor about their marital disputes, Phiri became worse.
“Phiri has never bought a chitenge material or lotion for me to use since we got married but is ever spending money on his family and siblings. I am pregnant and I did not tell him because I was afraid he would force me to abort,” she said.
However Phiri denied the allegations, adding that all was well in their marriage.
“I’m surprised that she has brought me to court. I’m more than ready to reconcile because she is my wife and I love her,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court reconciled the couple and advised them to work on their marriage.