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Do more to protect chilfren from abuse

I AM a member of Mongu Children News Agency in Mongu district, Western province. I have attended many training courses organised by Media Network on Child Rights and Development (MNCRD).
Child Rights is one amongst them. I have now come to understood child rights better. However, I knew that children have the right to live, the right to be protected, the right to development and the right to participation. I know that I am supposed to enjoy these rights.
Vices such as poverty and corruption force some children, especially female students, to drop out of school. In many families children play an important role for the betterment of the family.
These roles include farming and child labour.
After I attended the child rights in 2015, I taught fellow children in my community about their rights because I previously saw various kind of common issues in my community relating to child protection due to lack of education.
Children are vulnerable to abuses such as child labour, child marriages, domestic violence, rape etc.
I have shared the knowledge gained with ten children in my community.  These include eights girls and two boys.  I also shared what I learnt on literacy, numeracy, drawing, song, hygiene, morality, child rights, and personal safety.
When I started teaching the children, some neighbours and parents of the children didn’t support me. They criticised me and didn’t see the value.  Upon seeing the positive impact the knowledge has had on their children such as being hard working at school and attending school regularly.  The children have also gained confidence such that they have even started motivating other children to go to school.
These children have also realised that violence does not pay and courteous to their fellow children.
Beside teaching children, I have also participated in many activities such as role play to educate communities and children not to drop out of school, child marriages, child sexual abuse, and a campaign to encourage parents to register and send their children to school. I also educated parents to report cases of child rights abuses. I believe these activities are a reminder to communities to pay more attention to their children.
The author is a CAN member, Mongu bureau

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