Prostitution pollutes Kabwe CBD

KABWE Municipal Council says there is a lot street sex trading taking place in Kabwe’s central business district as evidenced by the indiscriminate disposal of used condoms in the area.
Kabwe Municipal Council director of planning Naomi Sakala said the local authority is disturbed by the continued indiscriminate disposal of used condoms on some streets in the CBD.
“There is a lot of condom disposal because there is a lot of street sex trading there,” Ms Sakala said.
She said Kabwe City Council has observed with sadness that the continued parking of trucks at night on Freedom Way, Lusito Street and Muchila Street is also promoting illicit sex.
She said this during a stakeholders’ meeting held on Wednesday.
Ms Sakala also added that some guest houses operating in Kabwe are suspected to be brothels.
She said the council’s efforts to transform Kabwe into a clean town are being hampered by street vending.
She said the foregoing are among factors that make the work of the local authority difficult.
She also bemoaned the low revenue collected in markets because many traders now trade on the streets.
She said street vending is a source of garbage in the CBD and it remains a challenge that needs to be addressed.
She said Kabwe Municipal Council and the business community need to work together to restore Kabwe to its former status as one of the cleanest towns in Zambia.
Meanwhile, Kabwe town clerk Oliver Muuka says the local authority should not be blamed for street vending because late President Sata in 2012 directed all councils in the country to allow vendors on streets.
“On the issue of street vending, we need to be very realistic. All councils were informed by State House in 2012 that we should not remove street vendors and that we should leave them alone,” Mr Muuka said.
Mr Muuka said it is therefore unfair for residents of Kabwe to continue blaming the council over street vending.

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