Letter to the Editor

Prosecute corrupt immigration officers

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to comment on the warning by the Ministry of Home Affairs that immigration officers receiving bribes from illegal aliens will be dismissed.
I am disturbed by the disclosure by the ministry’s spokesperson, Mr Moses Suwali, that the government is aware that some immigration officers have been receiving huge amounts of money from foreigners who do not have valid documentation for their stay in Zambia.
Mr Suwali disclosed that the officers have been releasing the illegal immigrants after being bribed.
Warning corrupt officers with dismissal is not enough.
They must be arrested and charged with relevant offences under the Penal Code.
Threats of dismissal alone cannot serve as a deterrent because the culprits have enough money to live comfortably after being fired.
It is the prospect of being imprisoned that will make these misfits think twice before receiving the dirty money.
Therefore, I expect the Ministry of Home Affairs to not only dismiss the corrupt officers, but to hand them over to the Anti-Corruption Commission so that they are prosecuted.
They should be sent to prison because that is where they belong.
Kapiri Mposhi.

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