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Prophet says i’ll marry a policeman

Dear pastor,
I HAVE been in a relationship for 9 months now but a certain prophet told me that I would get married to a policeman and my boyfriend is not a police officer. Please, man of God, help me, what do I do?
ANS: Dear sister thanks for your text. The Bible says seek God with an open heart and you will find HIM.
Jeremiah 29 vs 8 – 19 warns about prophets who seek to give false hope. The Lord has plans for each one of us and it is not to lead us into problems.
You must pray about the prophecy that was declared to you and you must stand ready to heed the Lord’s call when that time comes.
Your current boyfriend may become a policeman in future. If you believe that prophecy, you tarry for it. It is a matter of time! Authentic prophecy will not lie it surely comes to pass. (Habakkuk 2:1-3). On the other hand, if you truly feel that this man is your God-given partner then just hang on and remember to keep God at the centre of your relationship. Blessings!
Is it good to date someone who has a child?
Dear Pastor,
I am a lady aged 20 in love with a man aged 24 who has a child. I have been dating him for 5 years when I ask him about the mother of the child he tells me that he only has relationship with the child. Is it good to date someone who has a child? Please advise!
ANS: My dear sister, you began dating this man at the age of 15 and he already had a child.
There is nothing wrong with dating a person who has had a child, but what you must ask yourself is the circumstances under which he became a parent.
You are too young to be a step-mother and I honestly do not think that it is a time to be thinking about marriage.
Concentrate, instead, on school and building yourself into a Godly woman who follows the principles of love, respect and service. Blessings!
I have a man but I do not love him
Dear Pastor,
I greet you in Jesus Mighty name. I am a woman aged 20 and I have a man but I do not love him. I do not know why, so please help me.
ANS: Sis thanks for your text. Sister you can only fall in love with somebody your heart has accepted and approved.
I do not think you need anybody to force you to fall in love with a man your heart has not really accepted or approved. I am of the view that you neither waste your time nor his time by pretending that you love the man when in the actual sense you have no feelings for him, let alone loving him.
You have a long way to go in life, therefore concentrate on issues that will build up your future and destiny.
To avoid future heartaches heed your heart and discontinue with the relationship. Let him know how you feel about your relationship and break the bad news to him.
This will help him to look elsewhere for a prospective partner. Blessings!
Dear pastor,
I am a lady aged 47, looking for a serious male partner aged 50 and above. Serious men to call 0977-348060.
Dear pastor,
I am a lady aged 28, looking for serious friends between the age of 35 to 90. 0977944045.
Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 24 looking for a woman to date aged 17- 21 a full Christian, HIV negative from Southern Province. 0967-107128, 0976-239902.
Dear pastor,
I am a lady aged 29 with one child based in Kabwe looking for a life partner aged 32-35, God-fearing Pentecostal. 0971-713536.
Dear pastor,
I am man aged 42 HIV+ looking for a lady to marry, nurse or teacher or any in employment, God-fearing who is hard working aged 25-35 HIV+. Call or text 0977-970460.
Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 45 in business looking for a man female friend in decent business or employment within Lusaka. 0975-559922.
Dear pastor,
I am a man aged 44 looking for a woman aged 40-45. Must be real Christian not pretenders or time wasters from Pentecostals only. 0971-142809.
Dear pastor,
I am a young lady aged 24 looking for a Christian man aged 28-35, must be serious men only and working. 0975- 854774.
Dear pastor
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Dear Pastor,
I am a lady aged 23 looking for a serious man who is single aged 30-35. Call 0963-835073.
Marriage: “….if a woman divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery”. (Mark 10:12). Blessings!
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