Promote Zambia’s investment potential

ZAMBIA has over the years stood out as a good investment destination owing to its peaceful nature and thriving democracy.
The call by diplomats in Zambia for foreign investors to consider investing in the country speaks volumes.
The diplomats are impressed, and rightly so, with the prevailing investment atmosphere in the country.
According to incoming dean of diplomats in Zambia Walid Hasan, Zambia’s investment atmosphere is good owing to the country’s adherence to democratic tenets and peace promotion.
Dr Hasan, who is Palestine’s Ambassador to Zambia, said the country’s record of having peaceful power transitions is good for investment attraction.
“I would like to congratulate Zambia for the successful [August 12] election and peaceful transfer of power.
“This is an international message to the whole world that Zambia is a peaceful country and the atmosphere for investment and trade is good,” Dr Hasan said on the side-lines of Zambia’s 57th Independence Day anniversary.
It is elating that diplomats have recognised the investment potential that the country has.
This certainly has potential to increase the inflow of the much-needed investments in the country.
Diplomats are important stakeholders in attracting investment from their respective countries. It, therefore, brings hope to have diplomats stand on a podium and advertise the country’s investment potential.
It is indisputable that Zambia competes favourably on the international market as a good investment destination.
The country is richly endowed with natural resources across various sectors.
For instance, agriculture is one area that offers a lot of investment opportunities owing to a large arable land resource base of 42 million hectares, of which only 1.5 million hectares is cultivated every year. This is coupled with good road infrastructure, affordable labour and abundant water resources for irrigation. The country accounts for 40 percent of the water resource in the SADC region.
Mining is yet another area with investment potential.  The country, for instance, prides in being the world’s seventh largest producer of copper and holds six percent of the world’s known copper reserves.
Besides copper and cobalt, Zambia is endowed with various other minerals such as gold, zinc, lead, iron ore, manganese, uranium, coal, diamonds, emeralds among many others.
Investors can also exploit the tourism sector. As home to the Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, the country has a lot of potential in the tourism sector.  The country is also richly endowed with wildlife and a rich culture.
Investors can also explore the energy sector. Zambia has about 6,000 MW unexploited hydro-power potential due to abundant water resources, providing an opportunity for investment in hydro-power generation.
The demand for electricity has been growing at an average rate of three percent per annum, mainly due to increased economic activities and population growth.
All these are opportunities that investors can exploit. For Zambia, what makes these opportunities even more attractive is the peaceful environment the country has enjoyed since independence.
The country has no reason to fail to attract investment because potential is abundant everywhere.
Government should also work to ensure that all policies are aligned to enhancing the investment environment.
All citizens, particularly those privileged to travel out of the country, should be ambassadors of the country wherever they go and promote the country’s investment potential.
It should not only be Government officials to market the country’s potential. Every citizen must be involved because the benefits are for all.