Proflight launches Kafue park flight

IN A bid to promote local tourism and enable easy access for local and international tourists, Proflight Zambia has launched a scheduled flight to the Kafue National Park.
The new twice-weekly route will take travellers to the heart of the Busanga Plains in just one hour, 35 minutes, compared with a drive that can take up to 15 hours.
According to a statement released yesterday, Proflight director of government and industry affairs Captain Philip Lemba said passengers will also be able to travel to Lufupa and Chunga airstrips in the park by arrangement.
“Zambia is a beautiful country and our wildlife is worth seeing at least once in one’s lifetime.
The flight to the park will save customers travelling time which they can spend enjoying the national park.
“With this offer, we hope to see more people visiting the park and be more inspired to see the rest of Zambia, which is equally breathtaking,” he said.
Mr Lemba said the initiative will enhance domestic and international tourism to the area, which will in turn create jobs and boost economic growth in the country.
Kafue National Park has a reputation as a tranquil environment with just the right touch of adventure and is home to 55 species of animals, including rare birds, big cats and elephants.
Along with Kafue, Proflight Zambia is expected to add other routes to its network in the coming months, including Kitwe Southdowns on July 13.

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