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Probe extortion at weighbridges

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to agree with the writer of the letter in the Daily Mail who complained about extortion at Kafulafuta weighbridge.
I am a truck driver who frequently uses this route and I totally agree with the writer of that letter. The most notorious is the Kafulafuta weighbridge where some officers extort money from drivers with impunity.
Isn’t the Road Development Agency (RDA) aware of the activities of its officers at the weighbridges, especially Kafulafuta?
I am appealing to the RDA to investigate these officers by planting some drivers as baits. They will see for themselves what we have been complaining about.
At the Kafue weighbridge, bus drivers stop some metres away and order some passengers to disembark and walk to the turn-off to evade penalties for overloading.
Government is losing a lot of money through the corruption and incompetence of some officers.

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