Private sector policies, laws under harmonisation

THE Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) is working closely with the private sector to harmonise policies and laws being formulated that may affect commercial ventures.

BRRA deputy director regulatory officer Mumba Ngulube-Zulu said the agency, in conjunction with the private sector will ensure businesses operate effectively.
“We are working together with the private sector, being the major stakeholders. We review policies and laws, what we are trying to avoid is the reversal of policies once they are effected,” Mrs Zulu said in an interview at the just-ended 53rd Zambia International Trade Fair.
The agency, which was created under the Business Regulatory Act number 3 of 2014, regulates and assesses the impact of the proposed policies to ensure that they are user-friendly.
“We take in complaints from the private sector, we review the Acts if there is need to review the said unfriendly Act,” she said.
Mrs Zulu said the agency has come up with a 2017 strategy aimed at creating awareness for the private sector on the need to get to know proposed policies.
“This is new in Zambia and what we are doing is to build capacity. We are working with the private sector by sensitising them on their rights,” she said.
Ms Zulu said the private sector should uphold their rights by providing various services such as supply of foodstuffs, public health, national safety and preserving the environment.
“We also look at the pricing of items, ensuring that price meets the administration costs,” she said.
She also said the response from the private sector is overwhelming following the workshop that was held for the stakeholders recently.


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