Prison warders brutalised my son!

Dear editor,
THROUGH your newspaper I would like to complain to our hard working Commissioner of Prisons about the behaviour of some of his officers.
I would like him to be aware of what these officers at Mukobeko Maximum Prison are doing.
On August 9, 2014 I went to visit my son, who is in jail at the prison. I was shocked to see him with a swollen face and he was complaining of body pains.
When I asked him what had happened to him, he told me that he had been badly beaten by two prison warders, whose names he mentioned.
I could not hold back tears. I cried when I imagined the abuse my son must have suffered at the hands of the officers.
I would like to remind the officers that those people behind bars are citizens of this country.
They are also human beings and deserve to enjoy their human rights.
I am ready to be interviewed should the Zambia Prisons Service deem it necessary.