Prince Siame chooses ‘Destiny’


GOSPEL singer Prince Siame who was supposed to release his album titled “My Jesus” on Friday released it under the new title of “Destiny”.Prince said the change in the title and date of release is as a result of the record label that he has signed up with.
“I was supposed to release the album on my own in January but the record label in the United States sampled the album and they changed the title to ‘Destiny’,” he said.
“The official release date is June 29 but we started promoting the album on the of June 1. The music is being released in the United States of America in Florida. The record label I’m under which is called Yashra Records started doing a pre-promotion before the actual released date.
“They had promotions in the malls in Melbourne just to test my music on the American scene of which the promotions have so far gone well hence the release date of June 29.”
He said “Destiny” talks about how everyone’s destiny is in God’s hands and that a life outside God is not a life at all.
The album has 14-tracks which include Shine, Superman, I Can and Hallelujah as well as the chief executive officer of Yashra Records Daniel Barret.
Prince said he only featured Daniel Barret and the mass choir from Praise Christian Centre.
“We have done a mix of songs, when I wanted to release songs from ‘My Jesus’ album, I was still choosing tracks, when I got signed up and the record label wanted to see what content I had on the album, we had to go to phase two of finally selecting the final list of tracks and that’s how we came up with ‘Destiny’,” he says.
“I still have a lot of songs such that I’m able to release CD number two and three, but we have chosen ‘Destiny’ now because of what God is doing in my life.”
And because the album is an international release, Prince has registered them under the Zambia Music Copyright Protection Society (ZAMCOPS). He is now registered in the United States under the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers is an American (ASCAP) as a musician and under Kings Ink Horn as a publisher.
Prince says the album is mostly worship with a contemporary sound which has a pop feel to it.
“From the time they sampled the album in the United States, they’re saying the album is a composition of singles so they have just let it out. So the record label hasn’t released any single but the songs that are projecting much are ‘Superman’, ‘Shine’, ‘Who is Like You’ and ‘Heart Like Yours’, but basically the whole album is doing well,” he said.

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