Prince of Chess facing greatest battle after medical diagnosis

WHEN Prince Daniel Mulenga started playing chess at the age of 11, which is 16 years ago now, his aim was to attain the highest grade possible in chess – the Grandmaster (GM) title.
But today, his dream of reaching this feat is threatened as he currently has a health condition that does not allow him to play competitive chess.
Having made the first step to his GM journey by attaining the FIDE master early this year, Mulenga was happy that his dream was finally taking off.
But after medical personnel recently advised him to stay off competitive chess, he has been left devastated.
This has meant that his journey to attain the International Master (IM) title that will eventually lead him to get his dream title of GM has been affected. The hope is that it is just momentary.
Mulenga, 28, who goes by the stage name of Prince of Chess, has a medical condition called staphylococcus, a group of bacteria (microbe or germ) that can cause a number of CLICK TO READ MORE

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