Letter to the Editor

President’s spot checks on projects good

Dear editor,
I COMMEND President Edgar Lungu for his stance to make sure that all government projects are executed and completed accordingly.

His resolve to start spot checks on the countrywide projects is a welcome move.
Often Zambians do not get the best, and mostly, the President only informed by people who surround him that all is well when in fact not.
Most African presidents have actually found themselves in limbo by putting too much trust in reports by technocrats and the people surrounding the presidency because of their failure to take physical spot checks.
That is the more reason why some projects have proved to be more costly against initial agreed costs.
People surrounding the presidency only inform him or her of what he or she wants to hear against reality.
It is therefore commendable that President Lungu has realised that and contractors found wanting should be dealt with sternly.
This is why some Zambian contractors who completed their projects more than three years ago are still not paid their money up to now.
Technocrats have a sophisticated way of hiding information needed by those who have to act on it decisively.

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