Letter to the Editor

Our President’s no more, what a loss!

Dear editor,
SAD and solemn is the occasion that awakened us yesterday, a dark shadow of affliction has suddenly fallen upon our land.
The nation has heard it with deep and tender emotions as it turns today to the presidential mansion.
The nation sympathises with its chief magistrate and the prayer of the nation ascends to Heaven on his behalf and on that of the weeping family.
God’s grace may be sufficient for them and that in this sore bereavement and trial, they may have the presence and succour of Him who said “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden; I will give you rest”.
MC Sata lives on in the immortal words and works that he has left behind.
He lives on in the minds and memories of humankind.
He lives on in the hearts of his countrymen and women.
No words are sad enough to express our sense of loss. No words are strong enough to express our determination to continue the forward thrust of Mother Zambia that he began.
And now the ideas and the ideals which he so nobly represented must and will be translated into effective action.
Under MC Sata’s leadership, this nation has demonstrated that it has the courage to seek peace.
We have proved that we are a good and reliable friend to those who seek peace and freedom.
We have shown that we can also be a formidable foe to those who reject the path of peace and those who seek to impose upon us or our allies the yoke of tyranny.
In this age when there can be no losers in peace and no victors in war, we must recognise the obligation to match national strength with national restraint.
We must be prepared at one and the same time for both the confrontation of power and the limitation of power.
We must be ready to defend the national interest and negotiate the common interest.
This is the path that we shall continue to pursue. Those who test our courage will find it strong, and those who seek our friendship will find it honourable.
We will demonstrate anew that the strong can be just in the use of their brute strength; and the just can be strong in the defence of justice.
I profoundly hope that the tragedy and the torment of these terrible days will bind us together in new fellowship, making us one people in our hour of sorrow.
So let us resolve that our late President MC Sata did not live – or die – in vain.
Let us always remain a peace-loving nation.
One Zambia One nation.

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