Letter to the Editor

President Sata was advocate of good governance

Dear editor,
OCTOBER is important in the history of Zambia. It is the month during which President Michael Sata breathed his last.
It is the month of October when more than six million Zambians will line up the streets to pay their last respects to Mr Sata when his body arrives on his final journey and file past his coffin for days and nights.
From what I know, this will be yet another large gathering at this level in the history of Zambia.
The nation will grievously witness the coffin draped in the national flag, loaded onto the gun carriage surrounded by a guard of honour.
He is our father and we are his children. Zambians everywhere have shared the sense of loss.
He was Ba Shikulu, the moving force on the ideals of peace, justice, unity and personal commitment.
He was a charismatic leader of sharp intellect and great personal integrity.
Mr Sata was a true patriot. He was deeply involved in the fight for the economic freedom of his people, expressing empathy with those who were extremely poor.
He was a firm supporter of equality and his tolerance ranged across all diversity; religion, class and gender.
Zambians will remember him as one leader who officially pursued an equitable socio-economic society through collective self-reliance for many jobless youth and women.
He will be remembered as a leader who devoted his vision to hard work; he dedicated the three years of his presidency to improving the road network, lighting up the nation through the rural electrification programme and opened more districts.
Despite coming from the old generation, he had achieved at least one goal: that of making his ministers work hard.
Indeed death has robbed us of one of Zambia’s most committed presidents for the poor.
May his soul rest in eternal peace

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