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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu at the just commissioned Blue Angel Primary School yesterday. PICTURE: MACKSON WASAMUNU

President Lungu concerned about educational crisis

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu, in his fourth national address on COVID-19 on Friday, directed the reopening of examination classes from primary to secondary in an effort to avert an educational crisis.
The President noted that if schools, colleges and universities remained closed for a long time, the country could have an education crisis as their academic calendars would be terribly affected.
President Lungu said children are already behind in their schoolwork after schools were prematurely closed on March 20, 2020.
“I am worried about our children, who are tired and bored of staying at home all day, and we are seeing instances of juvenile delinquency increasing in some cases,” President Lungu said in his televised address to the nation.
He further expressed fear that if the schools remained closed for a long time, there was a likelihood of an increase in the moral decay of the children and youths as a result of them having more free time.
The President said an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
“As much as all classes are important for the education of our children, it is imperative to be cautious and strategic in managing the reopening of the schools in light of CLICK TO READ MORE