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Preferable style for rainy season

Preferable style for rainy season

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
AS THE rainy season is fast approaching, do not let the weather dampen your style spirit or fashion taste.
If anything, you should be inspired to stock up your wardrobe and ensure that you are always in high spirits.
According to GMA News Online, there are five things that are a must have during this season.
These are:
1. Layers-including jackets and scarves will help you stay warm and keep cool. Scarves, tights and even leather jackets are perfect for this weather. Knitwear too is a great option.
2. Trench coats- Trench or get drenched. Yes, trench coats can look a bit costumey given people do not usually wear them in tropical climates, but you will be surprised as to how practical they actually are.
3. Short bottoms, high shoes-No one likes the icky sticky feeling of damp fabric against their legs, which is why many opt to wear shorts on a rainy day—a casual pair of cotton shorts need not look underdressed if you pair it with the right pieces.
4. Go bright on dark days- The gloomy weather and palette of blues and grays in the sky is the sort you can either embrace or counter. If you are feeling vampy, you can stock up on those all-black, all-gray, all-blue ensembles which match the weather perfectly. A contrastingly bright bag or accessory like a scarf makes a great statement against an all-dark outfit. Try red or orange or even electric blue and neon pink.
The last thing you need amidst the storm and stress is to end up looking the part with runny eyeliner or a pair of broken shoes. In this weather, taking care or your things means taking care of yourself too.
Have a blessed weekend.
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