Letter to the Editor

Praying for humility for our political leaders

Dear editor,
The future is indeed bleak for the current crop of ministers with inflated egos that are acting without respecting the people that voted them into office as observed by our President. But it must be said that intercessory prayer for some of these so-called leaders can be a waste of time and energy or rather unproductive when this is done for persons who are unrepentant and quite conscious of their rebellion to good sense.
God does not force understanding on humans. We are judged sooner or later by our choices and actions and ultimately by our works. One must do for others what one wants to be done for them. Generally, if you show compassion and understanding to people, they will respond accordingly. A random smile at a stranger will almost invariably elicit a similar response. These are basic philosophies that any aspiring leader of the people must internalise and act out without any prompting. Listening to what people are saying and acting on their concerns cannot be substituted by acting like you know everything. Like one well- known loser who has been told to smile more often but still retains an ominous frown on his face and seeks to lead the people of Zambia with a clear show of hostility, that will never win him any votes. I am very proud of our easy-going and humble President Edgar Lungu and will continue to pray that he gets the blessings he seeks from God, to find the courage and spunk needed to discipline his ministers and forge the prosperity that the people are looking for.
As for the rest of the leaders working in a contemptuous treatment of the people, be warned, 2021 cometh quickly and we are readily maturing more and more in our understanding of what good and honest politics should be. We are not foolish or, as some will say, docile. On the contrary, we are a wise people, we give chances and do occasionally hand some fools enough rope to hang themselves, and time passes. Our progress may come in large or small doses, we don’t mind. We will continue to reach for higher heights in our development as a nation and a people.

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