Power tariffs to result in increased chicken prices – PAZ

POULTRY Association of Zambia (PAZ) president Rodney Sisala says the cost of eggs and chickens in the country is likely to increase once the upward adjustment in electricity tariffs is implemented.

Mr Sisala said in an interview recently that the poultry industry is heavily dependent on electricity in many ways and that any upward adjustment in electricity will result in increased cost of production.
He said about 60 percent of the cost of producing eggs and chickens goes towards feedstock and that for the feedstock to be milled and processed, electricity is used.
“Processing stock feed requires the use of electricity and as soon as you increase the cost of electricity, the price of feed automatically rises. Remember feed is one of the major costs in producing chickens and eggs and so naturally that cost is passed on to the consumers,” Mr Sisala said.
He said poultry farms also require a lot of lighting and all that is linked to the cost of electricity.
“Even at the slaughter houses where the chickens are processed require electricity.So, this is an industry that is heavily dependent on electricity and, so the increase in the cost of electricity will result into an increase in the prices of poultry products.
“Although poultry farmers desire to offer their products to clients at lower and affordable prices, the increment in electricity tariffs once implemented will leave them with little option but to pass on the cost of production to customers,” he said.
He added that although indigenous chickens, popularly known as village chickens are available on the market, they are more expensive than broilers and only a few people can afford them.


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