Letter to the Editor

Power fans should stop hooliganism

Dear editor,
THE behaviour of Power Dynamos supporters at the weekend should not be condoned.
The attack on referee Allan Simukonda on Saturday after the game between their team and Green Buffaloes is an embarrassment.
The management of Copperbelt Energy Corporation and the police should explain how fans managed to beat a referee walking to the dressing room.
Clearly, there must be a security lapse which should be rectified immediately.
Football can be an emotive game, which can drive some fans to violence.
If the referee was biased the fans know the procedure.
They can ask their team’s officials to lodge a complaint with the match commissioner instead of taking the law in their own hands.
The Referees Association of Zambia (RAZ) should lodge a serious protest to both Power Dynamos and the Football Association of Zambia for remedial action.
The Dynamos fans should not expect referees to always rule in their team’s favour.
I am sure there were some decisions the referee made which must have given Dynamos an advantage.
Let there be security for match officials.
If the beating of referees continue at Arthur Davies stadium then Power Dynamos should be banned from playing at home ground for the rest of the season to teach their fans a lesson.

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