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Poverty blamed for child labour

THE Kapiri Mposhi Child Rights Protection committee has attributed high levels of child labour in the district to poverty and unemployment.
Committee chairperson Maniford Siwale said families have resorted to sending their children to sell foodstuff and other goods in their quest for survival.
“Child labour is so rampant in Kapiri Mposhi because of poverty and unemployment.
“Most families do use children to go and sell, and if you go around Kapiri Mposhi, especially at the bus station, you will discover that most of the people selling there are below the age of 16,” Reverend Siwale said.
He said in an interview that Government and cooperating partners should work together to address the vice to secure the future of the affected children.
Rev Siwale also urged parents, guardians and members of the community to desist from subjecting children to labour because that is a violation of their rights
“It is an offence for a parent or anyone to willfully subject a child to labour which is beyond her or his ability. That is an offence and people doing this should refrain from abusing children,” Rev Siwale said.
He is also express concerned that defilement cases are on the increase in Kapiri Mposhi.
Rev Siwale said due to lack of transport, his organisation is facing challenges in following up cases of child abuse reported to his office.
“We also do not have a proper place to take these children. So when they are brought to us, we have one option to take them to Nsungeni Children’s Home but it is limited because it is improper to take children who are abused and mix them with orphans,” Rev Siwale said.
He said children should have the right to education, better health, protection, shelter and life.