‘Poultry good for poverty reduction

GOVERNMENT says it recongnises the poultry industry as an important sector to help alleviate poverty and significantly contribute to job creation in the country, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, deputy director of livestock Christine Yambayamba said.
Dr Yambayamba said there is need for Zambia to share technical information and experiences with other countries for the industry to grow.
She said last week in Lusaka at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) poultry liaison forum hosted by the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ).
“We recognise the importance of the poultry industry in alleviating poverty as well as job creation, and I would like to commend PAZ for being an organised entity fostering the growth of the poultry industry in Zambia,” she said.
She called on the stakeholders to provide helpful information about regional food security and how it can be achieved.
Dr Yambayamba also urged participates at the forum to continue working together and looking for ways of propagating inter and intra-regional trade.
At the same occasion, PAZ national chairperson Rhodnie Sisala said the association has been lobbying for favourable legislation and policies to ensure the industry becomes vibrant and well regulated.
Mr Sisala said continued lobbing to Government has led to the industry having consistent growth of between 10 and 15 per centannually in the last five years.
“We intend to achieve the objective of the association of enhancing and supporting sustainable growth in the industry, enhancing the capacity of the poultry farmers and members through improved production methods, effective marketing and access to technical information and lobbing government for favourable legislation,” he siad.
Discussions at the forum were focused on regional challenges faced by member countries and representatives gave updates on the industries.
Among other issues that came up included cheap illegal chicken imports from the region which continue to be a challenge.

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