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Posting nude pictures costs woman


SENDING naked pictures and videos of herself online has cost a woman of Ndola her marriage. This came to light when Harrison Phiri, 48, dragged his wife Hellen Mulenga, 28, in the Kabushi Local Court for divorce.
Phiri alleged that Mulenga had a habit of posting naked pictures and videos of herself on social media. Phiri said he could no longer tolerate Mulenga’s unbecoming behaviour in their marriage. He said he found nude pictures of Mulenga with a man of Indian origin in bed but the matter was handled amicably through forgiveness.
Phiri also accused Mulenga of being a prostitute. He said she would leave home decently dressed but changed into skimpy clothes at her friend’s place so that she could engage in prostitution. He said when he gave her money to set up a business, Mulenga allegedly squandered it by throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend.
“Your honour, in 2018 she told me she was going to CLICK TO READ MORE