Letter to the Editor

Postgrad student unhappy with UNZA room fees

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space to complain against the University of Zambia (UNZA)’s new accommodation offer.

The institution is demanding that occupants pay the annual accommodation fee at once.
This may be good where an individual pays about K3,000 for the entire year at once before being accommodated.
This is very fair for students, especially undergraduates who are on a government scholarship.
May I appeal to the university’s chancellor to consider the plight of postgraduate students who are not on the government sponsorship programme.
Most of them are government workers, and sponsor themselves even with regard to paying tuition fees.
As if that is not enough, when we’ve been offered accommodation, the institution requires us to pay fees for the whole year.
Please, consider the salaries of government workers as you introduce annual accommodation fees.
My appeal to the chancellor is that he should help postgraduate students, most of whom are on self-sponsorship. It will be too much for us to pay this annual fee at once, and at the same time find money for tuition fees so that I am registered for the programme I’m pursuing.

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