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Positive confession

IN THE month of March, we looked at a subject on “Never lose hope”.

We said despite the intensity of pain, shame or any emotional devastation caused by the agonies of life, keep on trusting.
One practice that can help us to never lose hope in life is positive confession.
Confession is basically what proceeds from one’s mouth.
The agonies of life may make people find it difficult to keep hope alive and as such, it is not strange to find people using phrases such as “it’s kind of difficult for me”, “I really don’t know what this world has to offer me”, “I feel like dying and I don’t think God loves me.”
Inasmuch as it is important to acknowledge that the status quo is not good for us and there is need for things to change for the better, having negative confessions or thoughts such as these does not help in any way. Instead, it will depress us even more. There is need to confess positively about our lives and situations.
Positive confessions will always remind us that the challenges and struggles we are facing are just but for a while and there are greater things ahead of us.
Positive confessions help us to stay focused and motivated through the struggles.
Positive confessions alone are not enough, we must have a vision of what we want to achieve in life.
Having a vision for our lives will help us understand the positive confessions we make even more.
The positive confessions must be aligned to the vision we have.
Making positive confessions coupled with an implementation of our vision and goals will help us attain the success we so much desire.
Let us end with a quotation from Proverbs 18 vs. 21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”
This quotation shows us that what proceeds from our mouth carries weight in life.
Therefore, confess positively but remember, positive words alone are not enough. Have a vision in life, work hard to implement that vision and success will surely come.
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