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Poor sanitary conditions at Findeco House

Dear editor,
I WISH to raise concern on the poor sanitary conditions of one of the tall buildings in Lusaka City, Findeco House, owned by National Housing Authority (NHA).
Toilets at this building are in a bad state. The water is also erratic while the tenants survive through the capricious mercy of God. Worse yet, the appearance of the building, let alone the surroundings, is not appealing at all and is ultimately killing the whole essence of keeping Lusaka clean, green and healthy. One may wonder whether this building is in the capital city or a typical rural area.
What is even mind-boggling is the fact that NHA, as the landlord, collects a lot of money from its tenants despite failing to maintain this building in a good state befitting human habitation.
Lusaka City Council last month gave NHA a seven-day ultimatum to improve the sanitary conditions at Indeco House, the other building which this quasi-government institution owns. This was a good step which the local authority took against NHA.
I wish to appeal to NHA to improve the sanitary conditions at Findeco House.

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