‘Poor price, low water levels hamper wheat farming’

POOR wheat prices on the international market coupled with low water levels in dams during the last three years have contributed to the decrease in the number of farmers growing the crop, AGFRI has observed.
AFGRI Corporation Limited country manager for equipment business Willie Dietrechsen said recently that the firm will continue providing innovative solutions that aim at increasing wheat production in the country.
“The current challenges in the agriculture sector in Zambia include the financial status of farmers and low dam levels resulting in lesser planting of wheat during the last two to three years. Severe drought conditions in the past and the poor commodity prices have also contributed to the declining number of farmers cultivating the crop.
“However, I’m optimistic about the future, let us hang in there, things will get better. AFGRI Equipment will remain loyal with support to the Zambian farmers through thick and thin [to ensure that they enhance their production capacity],” Mr Dietrechsen said.
He also said that the company is next month expected to introduce new equipment such as the Krone hay-making equipment during this year’s Agritech Expo.
The expo, which is managed by the Zambia National Farmers Union, will be hosted from April 27 – 29.
Last year, the event drew a record-breaking 17,605 visitors while more small-scale, emerging and commercial farmers are expected to descend on the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART) farm next month.
Mr Dietrechsen has urged various stakeholders to participate at this year’s Agritech expo as it is an important platform for agricultural suppliers to showcase and demonstrate new technology that offers farming solutions to the Zambian farmer.

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