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Pompi celebrates identity through Broken English

IN HIS debut album Mizu, released in December 2012, gospel artiste, Pompi, was searching for his roots and after finding them, he decided it was time for a new musical offering.
Two months in the studio has led to the recording and production of his sophomore album, Broken English, to be launched next Saturday at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Broken English, Pompi shared in an interview with the Weekend Mail, is his way of celebrating and embracing his identity.
He said the overall album concept arose from the tendency by some in Zambian society to mock those who did not speak good English and often disqualify them as not being leadership material.
“To me, Broken English is not a sign of ignorance but more a lousy attempt at trying to get someone else’s identity,” Pompi explained. “But we have seen nations built by embracing their [own] identity and standards and not the identity or standards of another. You usually thrive in your own identity rather than the identity of others.”
God’s qualifications, stressed Pompi, are not like man’s qualifications hence the criteria He chooses in selecting people for His work differs from man’s criteria.
Pompi also referred to the Bible by adding that God chooses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.
Named Chaka Nyathando at birth, he has within the last couple of months released the singles Zuhile, Simpulified and Peace Be Still that will feature on his second album and are enjoying consistent radio airplay.
Pompi revealed that the album will also feature such songs as Maintain which states how it is easier to fall in love than to stay in love and therefore promotes the idea of maintaining love.
He has collaborated with producer and rapper, Magg 44 as well as the singers Abigail Malipande and Seya Fundafunda on his new album.
The album’s producer is Magg44 and was recorded by Radio Café, while creative direction for the album was provided by Atmosphere Events.


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