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Polls aftermath

Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
LAST Thursday, Zambians went to the polls. As I stated in last week’s column, this year’s elections were unique and historical in nature not only by virtue of the newly introduced Presidential running mates, voting for district and city council leadership but also the referendum.
Through the Referendum, as Zambians, we were given a chance to have a say on our rights as citizens. Whichever way we voted, “Yes” to affirm or “No” as refusal to the enshrinement new social, economic, cultural and political rights in the Zambian Constitution and amendments on other existing rights.
It was very interesting to see a number of candidates contesting the various positions. We should appreciate the variety of options to choose from because voting was not going to be as exciting as it was without this rich variety.
One positive thing we can draw from having a number of candidates in those positions is that our right to choose was fully exercised.
A variety of options enriches freedom of choice. Hence through voting, we exercised our freedom to choose our preferred candidates.
As we voted, we were looking for some particular traits that satisfy us and so, each one of us cast their vote in favour of their candidate.
It is good to observe that all contestants managed to obtain votes. However, the nature of the elections we conducted are such that only one candidate would emerge victorious from each seat.
If your preferred candidate won the elections, I would say congratulations because your choice was favoured by majority.
On the other hand, it is possible to be frustrated and demoralised because some of, if not all, your preferred candidates did not win elections.
The loss of your preferred candidate does not mean your choice was inferior but that many people did not see things the way you did. Instead of being sad and feeling inferior, I would encourage you to be happy that you expressed your opinion.
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