Letter to the Editor

Politics of threats and intimidation should not be entertained

Dear editor,
Allow me space in your widely read newspaper to express my concern over the growing trend by criminal-minded people in this country who are issuing threats and insults to their political opponents. A case in point is that of

Highvie Hamududu whose only offence was to form a political party.  These criminals are not only barbaric but also primitive and are a shame to our society.
In an environment of plural politics like our, why should an individual or a group of people trample   on other people’s liberties to form a political party or join a political party of their choice? I would not be surprised if these are the same criminals who displaced some innocent people in Namwala during the 2016 general elections because of belonging to a political party of their choice.
Mr Hamududu should be left alone and he does not deserve to be threatened or intimidated by the people, whose evil deeds will catch up with them. May the Almighty God continue to bless our beloved nation.


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