Politics is service, not a ragsto-riches miracle story


TO MY fellow youths, please hear this, do not aspire for politics as a quick way out to a life of opulence.
That is very dangerous. Politics should be a service to the community you want to serve and not a springboard to one’s wealth creation.
Those who want to join politics in order to live a life of opulence should never even get close to thinking about going into politics. If one wants instant fame or even instant riches, they better try lotto.
Those who have gone into politics as a way to amass quick wealth have mostly come out bruised and if not lucky even jailed for cutting corners.
Two weeks ago, I was listening to Akashambatwa- Mbikusita Lewanika, who was being interviewed on Hot FM radio.
Mr Lewanika said something that really got me thinking. He said that people should not go into politics to make a career out of it.
Instead, people should go into politics with a view to serving the people. Therefore, it is even better for one to first establish himself in society before going into politics.
This will make them serve their people diligently without the pressure to sort out their own selfish wealth accumulation ambitions.
For instance, all along China only stopped government officials from running businesses or being involved in business deals, however, to effectively fight corruption, the rules are now being extended to immediate family members.
In 2015 the Shanghai government introduced rules to restrain the families of senior city officials from running private businesses that was in a pilot measure that is now being replicated nationwide in China’s sweeping campaign against corruption.
The rules are among the most direct attempts to short-circuit the cycle of graft in China since President Xi Jinping launched an anti-corruption drive after coming to power.
Xi gave his blessing to the new rules.
The rules cover officials at the level of deputy bureau director and above in government, the ruling Communist Party, the judiciary, the local parliament as well as state-owned enterprises, the city government announced on its website.
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” an article on the website quoted Han Zheng, party chief of the city of more than 24 million, as saying. “If you choose to be an official, you can’t go into business and strike it rich.”
In principle fellow youths, the moral thing here is that, people should not ascend to power for the sole purpose of enriching themselves.
Youths are the only hope that Africa has for self-emancipation. The youths that will redeem Africa will not be ordinary youths.
These should be youths with the right attitude, right skill sets, high morals who hate corruption, self-sacrificing, who are hungry to see Africa fly high, these will be youths who will match up and emulate the youths of yesteryears who fought for our hard earned independence.
These youths will need to be real patriots whose focus will be their nations and not themselves.
The author is an entrepreneur.

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