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Politicians must harness unity in diversity


IF POLITICIANS can master the saying that ‘the strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team’, the goal towards a nation’s development can be easily achieved.

But wherever discord among them persists, improving people’s lives becomes something very difficult to attain.
In any organisation, the most effective teamwork can only be fully realised when individual team members harmonise their efforts and wholeheartedly aim at achieving their goal that they have set for themselves.
Besides experiencing more enjoyable work experience and achieving higher productivity, effective teamwork is vital in ensuring that there are fewer or no internal struggles among members of an organisation.
In the modern world, anyone with the Napoleonic mentality of ‘Power is my mistress, I have worked too hard to allow anyone to take it away from me’, may cause a team to fall prey to internal power struggles and conflicts, and finally implode.
This is because such a person is too egoistic for him or her to realise the importance of teamwork.
On Saturday, President Edgar Lungu admonished Mufulira Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament (MPs) for sowing seeds of division in the party in that part of the Copperbelt, calling them architects of the ruling party’s waning popularity who are weakening his authority.
President Lungu knows the importance of synergy, which is required for his administration to ensure that all parts of Zambia are developed. That is why, as he urged Kankoyo MP Brian Mushimba and his Mufulira Central counterpart Evans Chibanda to harmonise their relationship with independent MP Anthony Mumba, with a view to strengthening the party in the area, the President did not mince his words: “I have been told and I have seen for myself that you do not work as a team here… This infighting is killing me. It is making the PF unpopular. If you do not work together, the party cannot deliver.”
Synergy is one concept that must be fully embraced by our political leaders throughout the country because, with cooperation of more people working together, the result in – in terms of development – will surely be greater than the sum of the results that are achieved separately. As Idowu Koyenikan says, “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work towards the common goals.”
Since all political leaders – whether in the ruling party or opposition – stand for and represent the interests of the general citizenry, it is just important that they focus on this common objective (wanting to improve lives of people) and join hands to develop the country.
Zambians want to see their political leaders everywhere in the country – those from PF, UPND, NAREP, MMD, etc. – implementing all projects and programmes aimed at improving people’s livelihood together; working in unity, love and harmony.
Any divisions either within parties themselves or on an inter-party level that kill the spirit of teamwork and unity only works against the nation’s development agenda, and it is the common people who continue suffering.
Therefore, we urge all well-meaning politicians, including MPs from both the ruling party and opposition countrywide, to harness the power of effective teamwork and synergy in unity, and as one team that is totally focused on improving people’s well-being.
Only then will they realise not only greater personal satisfaction, but also improved individual and team performance, as well as higher output as they work for mother Zambia.

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