Letter to the Editor

Policy on new districts commendable

Dear editor,
THE policy of creating new districts is indeed good and the government deserves to be commended for the initiative.

I was one of those who had some misgivings initially on account of the massive investment required.
But I can see now that this approach is the best approach and surest way of developing and opening up the country side. Indeed by creating new districts, the government will be taking the required services closer to the people and thereby slowing rural-urban migration.
The congestion in cities has become a serious issue, which requires urgent attention.
In the same way, Government should start looking at big provinces and consider splitting them to facilitate effective administration of the districts.
In big provinces where districts are sparsely spaced over a large area, development is bound to suffer.
For instance, the area where I come from – Mukupa Katundula in Northern Province is too far from Kasama – the provincial capital.
This is why it has remained undeveloped over a long period.
I would like to appeal to the Minister of Local Government and Housing, Vincent Mwale, to consider Mukupa Katundula for district status in next set of new districts.
I am also urging Government to consider transferring the administration of Mukupa Katundula from Kasama to Mansa in Luapula Province.
It is convenient to administer the area from there in many aspects.

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