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MAJORITY of Zambian farmers, particularly small-scale farmers, have very low levels of mechanisation and usually depend on hand tools and rudimentary implements for cultivation

‘Policy inconsistencies affecting agriculture’

AN AGRICULTURAL think tank says policy inconsistencies continue to affect Zambia’s agriculture sector growth.
Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) executive director Chance Kabaghe said in an interview recently that policies should be long-term and predictable to enable farmers to plan.
“From President Kenneth Kaunda’s time up to now, each president and each minister of Agriculture and literally the whole country talks about agriculture being the engine of economic development, but up to now we have not realised that.
Quite alright, the sector is growing, but we are not growing enough.
“All this has to do with policies. Our policies have not been very consistent, they have not been transparent and CLICK TO READ MORE