Letter to the Editor

Police ops should not cause terror

Dear editor,
AN ELECTION year always poses a great challenge to the police to maintain peace and order.
That challenge is even greater for Zambia Police this year because of what is at stake, but nothing should take away from their professionalism.
While I appreciate the mammoth task at the hands of the police, I would like to register my disappointment at the way they conducted themselves on the road yesterday when ferrying what I suspect were UPND cadres from Central Police Station.
In a peaceful country like ours, we cannot have police riding in vehicles like rebel soldiers, causing terror among innocent citizens.
I wonder how the police command would justify policemen dressed like rebels sitting in their car windows brandishing AK-47 assault rifles.
A visitor to our country would definitely get a wrong picture of our country if they encountered this kind of policing.
Equally, the anti-robbery squad, popularly known as C5, must find a better way of conducting their business without causing unnecessary fear among citizens. People cannot usually tell who the bandit is and who is a cop.
I know they have to deal with some situations with a heavy hand, but they should not cause terror in innocent people.

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