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Police officers should always be fit

Dear editor,
The article ‘Law enforcement officers must be physically fit’ by the president of Zambia Weightlifting Federation Mutale Masala that was published in the Zambia Daily Mail on 27th April 2015 made interesting reading.
In the past, physical fitness   was a qualification to be enrolled as a law enforcement officer, but today the appearance of most of them depicts weakness.
No wonder when political cadres fight, the police watch helplessly.
ln the past we had Wazakaza Ng’uni (MHSRIP), a senior Police officer who would even challenge recruits to a road run.
We need to invest in sports facilities for our security personnel.
Each police camp by now must have a fitness centre to cater for various activities .
We need our men in uniform to be fit all the time so that we are always protected.

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