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Police officer sentenced to death

A POLICE officer has been sentenced to death by hanging for shooting dead a Zambia Air Force employee at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) offices in Chipata in 2019.
Matondo Mangolwa, 42, a sergeant at Chipata Central Police Station, yesterday appeared before Lusaka-based High Court judge Sharon Newa charged with one count of murder.
Facts before the court were that while armed with an AK47 rifle on August 4, 2019, Mangolwa shot dead 42-year-old James Chishimba at ZRA offices, where the officer was guarding the premises around 02:40 hours.
The State called four witnesses to testify against Mangolwa, who only managed to organise two eye-witnesses to defend his case.
It was learnt during trial that Mangolwa shot Mr Chishimba three times after a misunderstanding.
Mr Chishimba had travelled from Mbala in Northern Province to Chipata with his colleagues to CLICK TO READ MORE