Letter to the Editor

Police must help curb crime in Chibolya

Dear editor,
CHIBOLYA compound is notoriously crime-infested with dagger smokers who are ready to do anything to get what they want.
I was robbed of my money in broad day light on my favorite road, Ben Bella Road by means of blackmail!
I told a policeman who just said, “that is how that place is!”

A policeman, is ready to catch a traffic offender but reluctant to catch a robber and pick-pocket in Chibolya compound. Both offenders are deadly but the policemen and soldiers must be patrolling that area day and night! The Minister of Home Affairs must take this seriously for it is denting the image of Lusaka!

I am also appealing to honourable Vincent Mwale, through his ministry, to look at the dumping site improvised in Katondo Avenue? The Lusaka City Council should be proactive and ensure that people dispose of waste in designated places.
It is also the responsibility of Lusaka City Council to provide bins to ensure that people do not litter the city.
For now, Lusaka City Council needs to move in quickly to clear the improvised dumping site on Katondo Street and provide an alternative site.
I also appeal to the general public, especially those who operate from Katondo area, to be more responsible and dispose of waste in a more responsible manner.


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