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Police equip officers for professionalism, integrity

THE Zambia Police Service recently launched an in-service training course aimed at preparing and equipping officers with knowledge and skills that enhance professionalism and integrity.

Thanks to a few bad eggs, the police service is arguably among the most maligned public institutions in the country thus the in-service course is aimed at changing public perception on the service.
Majority of officers have served this country diligently, with honesty and integrity, however there are some that have conducted themselves in a manner not befitting the uniform.
In any society, the need for a professional, efficient, skilled police service cannot be over-emphasised, thus it is gratifying to see the Zambia Police command leading the way in spearheading an effective police service.
An effective, efficient, proactive and professional police service inspires confidence in the public, government and society at large as people have a sense of security.
With a processional police service in place, people can have a peace of mind knowing that their lives and property are safe and secure, suspects will not have to worry about their rights while in police custody.
Earlier this month, Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja was on hand to officially close the in – service training course at Kamfinsa School of Public Order Maintenance (SPOM) in Kitwe.
The month long course was attended by 54 male and female officers drawn from all the 10 provinces in the country.
Some of the topics covered in the programme included, police duties, criminal law, Criminal Procedure Code, Public Order Act, Criminal Investigations and military tactics.
Others were the police code of ethics anti – corruption act, protection of vital installations, security education leadership, field craft, weapon training, self-defence and communications skills.
The topics covered are of paramount importance in the police’s quest to prevent crime from happening and to nip it when it rears its ugly head in our generally peaceful society.
The initiative by the police high command to prioritise training and retraining of officers will help impart knowledge and provide officer share their experiences with one another in the line of duty.
The police command should work hard and ensure that trainings of this nature are conducted on a continuous basis in order to build capacity, efficiency and professionalism in the service.
As Mr Kanganja rightly observed, training of this nature will undoubtedly go a long way in helping reduce complaints against police performance and misconduct among officers.
It is programmes like these that will help the service re-build and enhance its image estimation of members of the public.
The challenge is now on the officers that have received this knowledge and skills to put in practice that which they have learnt in order to contribute to the effective service delivery in the service.
“As you go back to your various formations, my command expects you to perform your duties with excellence and professionalism. Please adhere and put into practice were possible.
“Share the knowledge with others and also bear in mind that your fellow officers and members of the various communities you serve are highly expectant of your performance and input,” Mr Kanganja said.
The police boss also had a stern warning for those officers that are fond of dragging the name of the service in mud.
“May I remind you that work performance should always go side by side with discipline and hardwork, I implore you to be professional and refrain from corrupt practices in the discharge of your duties,” he said.
Efforts to enhance professionalism of the police service should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians.
The Author is a Zambia Daily Mail reporter.