Letter to the Editor

Police are ‘loitering’ and sleeping on duty

Dear editor,
WHY should one province have more gang-related court cases than any other province and most of these gangs comprise juveniles?
Is it the police who are a problem, or parents or indeed guardians in general? It is really difficult to pinpoint where the problem is coming from, considering both parents and police have the responsibility to make the community a better and safe place to live in.
Police shouldn’t tell us that they have never heard of gangs called Sons of the Devil, Tokota Boys, 90 Niggas, Mbwambwa and The Hundreds, that mainly comprise teenage boys on the Copperbelt.
This thing of acting when things are getting out of hand like in “action movies” should be a thing of the past. Police command responsible for certain areas shouldn’t be waiting for directives from service headquarters to remind them of their responsibilities.
I would also like to express disappointment with parents whose kids, as young as 13, are involved in terrorising communities on the Copperbelt.
Parents should control their children’s movements and behaviour and take keen interest in knowing which friends they hang out with to  avoid shedding uncontrollable tears like the case was with some parents of the suspected 90 Niggas members at the Kitwe Magistrate Court.

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