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Plight, joy of young charcoal trader

ZEBRON Phiri cycles to Ngo’mbe market from Matero Township every day of the week to sell charcoal.
He does this to help his parents pay tuition fees for his older and younger siblings who are in university, college and primary school.
At age 19, Zebron has taken up a huge burden upon his shoulders to supplement his parents’ effort to educate his siblings.
He says every three months, he pays K1,500 for his brother, who is on 75 percent bursary, then his parents pay the rest.
Zebron says selling charcoal has now become part of his life because he has been doing the business from the time he was 14.
“I started selling charcoal when I was in grade eight. My brother had just entered university at a time when my parents had financial challenges CLICK TO READ MORE

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